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Loire Valley

For those who looked forward to tastes French country life, Loire Valley tour is the best tour for you. If boasts Renaissance-era castles of French splendour, rural French lifestyle, pristine forests and vineyards are what you seeking for, Loire Valley will surpass your expectations.

Taking you to the Loire Valley, the country seat of French royalty since the 1500s, the tour will give a world of opportunities to have a closer look at the true French country lifestyle and its people offering you a well-curated view into France’s rural aristocratic traditions, such as gardening and hunting.

The place declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its historical and cultural importance is a ‘must visit ‘if you are really interested in learning more about the culture and the French lifestyle.

The valley once had a great importance in strategic location. This rewarded the present Loire Valley with hundreds of grand castles and fortresses of different kings, queens and nobles.

In your tour to the Valley you can explore the old castles admiring their architectural and tactical glamour, enjoy the simplicity of rural villages and its lifestyle, witness the unique architecture of the Chateau of Chenonceau and its magnificent Renaissance gardens around and walk among the lawns of the grape-bearing vineyards and experience the richness of the architectural and artistic creativity of the Valley.

Today the valley is a still a blooming tourism attraction in France which ensures you the pristineness of the surrounding environment, culture and traditions. For now, only a handful of inns and restaurants provide guests with a sophisticated take on country living. Most hotels still feature formal décor, atmosphere and service in keeping with the traditional, scene-free vibe of this river valley.

Plan your Loire Valley tour with us and we promise you to make your tour to the Loire Valley special and unforgettable.

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