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Giverny Gardens

Walk among the colourful lawns and flower beds saturated with vibrant colours for a full half day in Giverny Gardens.

Enjoy the magnificent piece of art of the impressionist painter Claude Monet painted with nature. Passionate about gardening and colour variations, he designed his flower garden, fruit tree orchard and water garden as if they were works of art. The Garden designed with stunning combinations of a diversity of plants with a diversity of colours and textures is an ideal place for anyone to enjoy a relaxing time admiring the aesthetics of the place.

Immerse yourself in the world of the painter, famous for his landscape canvases and numerous views of his garden. Walk along the central pathway leading up to the house, bordered by different varieties of nasturtiums and roses, as well as the multicoloured flower beds full of tulips, narcissi, daffodils, irises and peonies. Enjoy the serenity of the pond littered with Water Lilies. Cross the Japanese Bridge admiring the beauty of the purple blossoms above. Smell the fragrance of the colourful Irises and other colourful flowers. Escape from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful time exploring the garden in the way you want.

After you enjoy your time wandering around the garden you can learn about the artist’s daily life and his artworks by paying a visit to his home and his studio.

Providing you with a professional guide, we make sure to make your tour as unforgettable and informative as possible. Assuring you a satisfying Giverny Gardens touring experience in your holiday in Paris, our tours creates memories worth a lifetime.

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